5. Anonymous said: How do you feel about Jack dissing other artist? Cause it's messing with my head tbh I really like him but I feel he's lost his humility which might led to a loss of passion for music

    I’m really confused right now. I feel that he changed significantly since 2012. He got way more aggressive this year, but still love his music obviously. Moonrisekitty really expressed herself way better than me (http://moonrisekitty.tumblr.com/post/97819383887/im-having-funny-feelings-towards-jack-lately-and) and i think i am of the same opinion as her. Thanks for asking!


  6. stacelings:

    Someone’s close up of the poster. Forever commemorating the ‘Do.


  7. moonrisekitty:

    I’m having funny feelings towards jack lately, and I don’t know how to feel about it. I’ve just started to realise how much of a gigantic asshole he is. The Jack 12 years ago and the Jack now are two completely different people and I understand that a lot has changed for him, but I miss the old…



  9. jackwhitesturntable:

    "Me, Jack and Alison on the set of the ‘Treat Me Like Your Mother’ music video. Alison is a little bloody." - Brandy St. John

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